Upright Rows

This use to be one of my favorite exercises back in the day but somehow this exercises has gotten a bad name. JL Holdsworth, owner and head strength coach of The Spot Athletics goes over how to safely and properly perform upright rows to help build huge traps. I will definitely be adding these back into my routine in my … Read More

JL Press

On Tuesdays I have been doing a seated tricep press down using a hammer strength machine. It basically mimics a weighted dip however its been bothering my shoulder so I am not going to do them any more and instead will replace it with the JL Press.

Deadlift Lockout

Yesterday I posted a video were JL Holdsworth, owner of The Spot Athletics, took us through how to properly set up for the deadlift.  Today he covers how to properly lockout the deadlift and explains an often overlooked concept which is the secret to smashing deadlift PRs.

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