The Weight Fairy

I came across this video by Omarlsuf and Calgary Barbell. Great creativity and funny as hell with a helpful message I am sure most gym members would approve of. If you are not following these guys YouTube channels you should be!

Arnold Works at Gold’s

Arnold is the main reason I became interested in bodybuilding and I am a big fan to this day. Here is a hilarious video of Arnold going undercover at Gold Gym to help promote and raise funds and awareness for his After-School All-Stars program.

If you want a good laugh!

This is a prime example of why you should not listen to someone for nutritional advise just because they have a six pack. Not going to lie it made me laugh out loud though! 🙂 Perhaps the most unintentionally funny video I've seen this year 🙂 — Brad Schoenfeld (@BradSchoenfeld) November 2, 2013