Sharing Knowledge

Sharing knowledge is something I have always liked doing. When I learn something new I like to share it with others. Sharing knowledge helps reinforce what I have learned while hopefully helping the person I am sharing the information with. We have all been taught that sharing is caring. What I was not taught is that not everyone I share … Read More

What’s the Best?

With the end of the year fast approaching we all tend to look back at our year and then set goals we would like to achieve in the new year. For a lot of people losing some weight or getting in better shape is often on that list. This is certainly validated by the number of new faces I have … Read More

The 110% or Nothing Mentality

I have always been the type of person that gives 110% or nothing. The positive of such a mentality is that when you commit to doing something you go all in. The negative side is that when you don’t feel you can give that effort you quit. This has happened to me twice since I started my journey back in … Read More

The Struggles Are Real

Ever feel like the world is out to get you or things are just not going your way? Your in a slump, a funk or just out of your groove? Your just not happy and you are questioning what you are doing in certain aspects of your life or maybe even everything? That’s how I am feeling at the moment. … Read More

Scale Weight vs Fat Loss

One of the main tools that I use to determine if I am in a caloric deficit is to weigh myself first thing every morning after going to the bathroom.. I track this in a spreadsheet and I plot the weekly average over time. In the image is my average weekly weight from week 27 to this current week 35. … Read More

Self Doubt

Some days I feel like I have made zero progress since my last competition in 2014. I have had a couple of major set backs which has derailed my plans to get better and many days I feel like other than being 3 years older I have not really done anything like I had wanted to. I think at times … Read More

Take Pride in Your Progress

Since buying our first home I have been putting a lot of work and effort into doing renovations to make it better. This weekend I completed one of the renovation projects that we wanted to make. I did it all myself and I think it turned out pretty good. It took hard work, stepping outside of my comfort zone and … Read More

3DMJ Podcast #14: Social Media & Bodybuilding

In this episode Alberto Nunez, Brad Loomis, and Andrea Valdez discuss social media, is it doing more harm than good? This is the crux of today‚Äôs podcast. Andrea, Alberto and Brad work their way through the positives, as well as the negatives, of how the rise in social media over recent years has impacted both athletes and coaches.     … Read More

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