Shout Out!

Shout out to my girl Danika who will be competing in another powerlifting meet on Sunday. If you live in Calgary and want to be inspired come on down and cheer her and all the other competitors on, price of admission is free. I will be bringing the family with me to help cheer her on and record her lifts … Read More


In this episode Eric Helms, Brad Loomis, and Andrea Valdez discuss experience vs. science, which one is better? This is a highly debated topic amongst both athletes and coaches alike. These two concepts shouldn’t be viewed as one versus the other, but rather as two fundamentally different, yet equally important skill sets. ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Guest post by Boston-based strength coach and trainer, Ryan Wood over at Tony Gentilcore’s website. Today he discusses lessons learned and myths he avoided in losing 25 lbs. and dropping down to 10% body fat. Like a boss. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Today I’m going to outline five fitness myths I avoided to lose 25lbs. (I previously wrote a post talking about seven … Read More


An in-depth article by Andrew Millett over at Dr. John Rusin website on why people need to deadlift differently based on a variety of factors. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here’s What You Need To Know… 1. Not everyone is built the same, has the same past injury history, the same skill level and movement competence or has the same goals. So why would everyone … Read More

Is there a limit to how much protein you can use for muscle-building in one sitting?

Brad Schoenfeld, PhD has a new post up on his blog covering how much protein you can use for building muscle in one sitting along with his recommendations based on the latest research. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ A long-held belief in bodybuilding circles is that your body can only absorb a fairly small amount of protein in a single feeding. The exact dosage … Read More


Derek Charlebois on his new website PR-BREAKERS covers the principles he uses for creating an effective training program. Some really great information and Derek offers coaching as well to help you achieve your goals if its something you are interested in. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ A training program should be structured with individual workouts that work in conjunction together towards a long-term goal … Read More

Why Long Workouts Won’t Cost You Gains

New article by Layne Norton, PhD over at on why workouts lasting more then an hour will not hurt your gains. ______________________________________________________________________________________ You may have heard about the perils of stretching your workouts beyond the one-hour mark for fear of becoming “catabolic.” Here’s why you shouldn’t let this old bodybuilding legend guide you! One of the (many) accepted “truths” … Read More

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