3DMJ Podcast #14: Social Media & Bodybuilding

In this episode Alberto Nunez, Brad Loomis, and Andrea Valdez discuss social media, is it doing more harm than good? This is the crux of today’s podcast. Andrea, Alberto and Brad work their way through the positives, as well as the negatives, of how the rise in social media over recent years has impacted both athletes and coaches.     … Read More

Eric Helms: Pre Contest Diet

Interview by Juma Iraki of Iraki Nutrition with Eric Helms who discuss pre-contest dieting. Some of the topics they discuss are: 1. What are the biggest mistakes you see people do pre-contest? Being a natural bodybuilder yourself, what are the biggest mistakes you did in your career and what have you changed with your approach? 2. Do you feel that … Read More

Eric Helms: Coaching Philosophy, Training Frequency, Metabolism and Happiness

Interview by Abel Csabia with Eric Helms who share his thoughts on the mindset and philosophy of coaching, providing free content and service to people, as well as tracking macros and training frequency. They also delve into balancing a fitness and other enjoyable things in life to ensure that we get the most out of our time on this planet! … Read More

Eric Helms Interview: People Who Can’t Lose Fat, Common Training Mistakes, and Toxic Fitness Ideologies of 2016

Erick Helms of the 3DMJ is interviewed by Jared Bichler of Progressive Fitness worth checking out! First off, it’s great to have you back Eric. As always, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to provide value for others. Can you catch everyone up on what it is you’ve been up to since our last interview? Eric: … Read More

3DMJ ORIGINS: Andrea Valdez

This is the fifth and final interview with the coaches of 3DMJ. This time Eric interviews the newest coach to join the 3DMJ team, Andrea Valdez. I think Andrea is a great addition to the original 4 coaches of 3DMJ. Andrea has an interesting background which enabled her to be in a position to take on this new opportunity with … Read More

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