The Truth About Soreness

I can really relate to this article from Christian Thibaudeau at T Nation this week. I did not train at all last week and am really feeling it today.   Here’s what you need to know… Getting really sore after lifting weights doesn’t necessarily mean that you had a good workout that will lead to gains. You can stimulate muscle … Read More

Why You Don’t NEED To Reverse Diet

Jeff Nippard recently became one of the coaches with The Strength Guys and wrote a facebook article as “Coach X” prior to the offical announcement that Jeff was joining the team. In the article “Reverse Dieting is it Best Practice” Jeff mirrored my own thoughts that I had with regards to reverse dieting and I posted about this back in … Read More

Exercise when you’re sick:

Should you workout when you’re sick? Ryan Andrews of Precision Nutrition gives us some recommendations. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Exercise when you’re sick: Should you sweat it out? Or rest and recover? Everybody gets sick. But it’s tough to know what to do about it. Should you “sweat it out” in the gym? Or get some rest instead? In this article we clear … Read More

Reverse Dieting – Is It Best Practice?

This is an interesting facebook post by the newest coach at The Strength Guys which matches my own thoughts on the subject. I actually wrote my first article about this back in June called “Reverse Dieting or Post Competition Recovery?”. There was some additional comments made over in my contest log over at that expands on my thoughts. To … Read More

Sleep Science: Hitting the Snooze Bar

Sleep is often an overlooked area when it comes to bodybuilding and maximizing gains. Jonathan Mike posted an excellent article covering sleep, how to improve it and even your gains. Check it out! In a previous article, we discussed some sleep basics. We covered the importance and impact of sleep on recovery and training, the consequences of sleep deprivation, and … Read More

Reverse Dieting or Post Competition Recovery?

This is my first article for the site and I am certainly no expert or have any formal education with regards to nutrition, however I wanted to write about this topic since I just finished my contest season and currently just starting my offseason, so I wanted to share my observations and opinion on how best to do this. Perhaps … Read More