SEWEH Episode 6 Interviews Part 1 Krieger, Tumminello, Aragon

Episode six of Science and Application (SAWEH, pronounced “saaaywhaaa!?”) with Eric Helm’s of 3DMJ.  In part one of this episode Eric interviews James Krieger, Nick Tumminello and Alan Aragon who where all guest speakers at the AFTP 2016 Convention in Oslo, Norway. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hyperplasis vs. Hypertrophy in Skeletal Muscle

An interesting article by Lyle McDonald answering the question, “Does the number of fast/slow twitch muscle fiber types in your body actually change in response to strength or endurance stimulus? Or just the volume, and you’re stuck with what your genetics dictate?” __________________________________________________________________________________________________ I received the following question in the mailbag and, for a fairly short question I’m going to … Read More


In this episode Eric Helms, Brad Loomis, and Andrea Valdez discuss experience vs. science, which one is better? This is a highly debated topic amongst both athletes and coaches alike. These two concepts shouldn’t be viewed as one versus the other, but rather as two fundamentally different, yet equally important skill sets. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Protein Amount and Post Workout Protein Synthesis – Research Review

The latest research paper by MacNaughton et. al. shows that the response of muscle protein synthesis following whole-body resistance exercise is greater following 40 g than 20 g of ingested whey protein. Lyle McDonald goes over the study and provides us with his take on this latest research and its implications. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Protein Amount and Post Workout Protein Synthesis – … Read More

Is Training to Failure Necessary for Muscle Growth?

A new article by Christian Finn over at Muscle Evo looking at a study trying to answer the question, is training to failure necessary for muscle growth? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One study that caught my eye this week, from John Sampson and Herbert Groeller at the University of Wollongong in Australia, looked at failure versus not-to-failure training and its effect on gains … Read More

SAWEH Episode 5 Range of Motion

Episode five of Science and Application (SAWEH, pronounced “saaaywhaaa!?”) with Eric Helm’s of 3DMJ.  In this episode Eric discusses the science of range of motion when it comes to making gains in building muscle. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

BUILDING MUSCLE: Do You Really Need Protein After Your Workout? (Ft. Eric Helms)

Eric Helms of 3DMJ is featured in another video on Omarlsuf’s YouTube channel to answer the question “Do You Really Need Protein After Your Workout?” As always Eric does a great job in explaining the how’s and the why’s of the topic so we can be better at implementing this knowledge into our own lives. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

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