The Volume Roundtable feat. Mike Israetel, Layne Norton, Eric Helms & Greg Nuckols

Jeff presents another amazing roundtable discussion, this time on the topic of training volume. This is 2 hours long but covers a ton of information and experience from knowledgeable coaches who discuss if minimum effective volume or maximum recoverable volume is the best approach to optimal gains?    

Training Based On Muscle Fiber Type: Are You Missing Out?

Lifting weights seems straight forward enough however once you start getting into the details it can get confusing. Greg Nuckols goes into detail on the different muscle fiber types and if you should structure your training around this. Key Points: Most muscles in your body have a fairly even split of fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers; very few muscles are … Read More

Genetics and Strength Training: Just How Different Are We?

There is no doubt that genetics play a role in how well people respond to building muscle and developing strength. Greg Nuckols goes in-depth in his latest article to determine just how much we differ from each other. Genetics. I know it’s a touchy subject. Discussing genetics means addressing some of the most fundamental and emotion-laden questions we face. How … Read More

Realistic is Overrated

Greg Nuckols over at Strengtheory hits the nail on the head with this article saying we need hero’s and larger than life examples to inspire us to be better. I’ve been seeing more and more people talk about the dangers of having unrealistic expectations. “Oh, if we don’t tell new lifters what’s ‘reasonable’ from the very start, they’re going to … Read More

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