Tip: Turn Up the Volume

More great information from Brad Schoenfeld on the best way to train for increased muscle mass and the best way to implement it into your training. Ramp up training volume if your main goal is size. Here’s the smart way to do it. Back in the 1970’s, Arthur Jones popularized the so-called high-intensity training (HIT, not to be confused with … Read More

5 Form Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Lifting weights with proper form is important for injury prevention as well as ensuring you effectively target the correct muscles during the movement. Dr. Joel Seedman breaks down 5 common mistakes he sees people making in the gym. Fix These Upper-Body Training Mistakes to Grow Maybe you were coached incorrectly. Or maybe these common form mistakes are just too subtle … Read More

4 Myths Many Lifters Actually Believe

Christian Thibaudeau over at T Nation laying the smack down on some common misconceptions people still have with regards to training. Common Misconceptions About Abs, Cardio and More Everything works in theory, but some training methods just don’t produce enough benefits to justify the effort. Other training beliefs are just plain wrong. Here are the worst offenders. Sorting them out … Read More

Tip: Use Cluster Sets for Size & Strength

Interesting way to train both strength and hypertrophy in the same set from Christian Thibaudeau over at T Nation. Cluster sets have always been great for strength gains. Here’s a new twist on them that’ll maximize hypertrophy too. Cluster sets are one of the most powerful training methods for intermediate and advanced lifters. A typical set looks like this: Load … Read More