Do you Grind Hard?

Cliff Wilson dropping some knowledge bombs…..BOOOOMMM!!! Here's a bit of a personal observation about a lot of people in the fitness industry. There are people in bodybuilding that I usually refer to as "grinders". Grinders are those people that are obsessed with working harder than everyone else and consider themselves to be, or aim to be, the most hardcore person … Read More

How Many Times Should You Train a Muscle Each Week?

Brad Schoenfeld explains what the science actually says about the effects of lifting frequency for maximizing muscle growth. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Training frequency is one of the most hotly debated topics in the field of resistance training. While traditionally the term frequency has been associated with how many days a week you work out, a potentially more important variable is the number … Read More

Tip: Turn Up the Volume

More great information from Brad Schoenfeld on the best way to train for increased muscle mass and the best way to implement it into your training. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ramp up training volume if your main goal is size. Here’s the smart way to do it. Back in the 1970’s, Arthur Jones popularized the so-called high-intensity training (HIT, not to be confused … Read More

5 Form Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Lifting weights with proper form is important for injury prevention as well as ensuring you effectively target the correct muscles during the movement. Dr. Joel Seedman breaks down 5 common mistakes he sees people making in the gym. _____________________________________________________________________________ Fix These Upper-Body Training Mistakes to Grow Maybe you were coached incorrectly. Or maybe these common form mistakes are just too … Read More

The New Science Of Size And Strength

Interesting article at by Adam M. Gonzales, PhD, CSCS who conducted research questioning the validity of specific rep ranges as best at generating hypertrophy adaptation in trained individuals. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There’s a way to train for muscle growth, and a way to train for strength. But they’re not the same thing…right? A PhD put the old way of doing things … Read More

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