6 Proven Ways to Boost Workout Motivation

Some great suggestions by Allmax Nutrition on how to boost your workout motivation at Muscle and Strength. Let’s face it, if you have the motivation to consistently train with a high intensity you’re setting yourself up for success. When you pursue anything in life you need to incentivize. Incentive is what motivates and gives you the enthusiasm to put the … Read More

Bench Press – The Truth About the Effects of Bench Angle on Pec Activity Varies Depending on the Phase of the Lift

An interesting study on bench press angle and its effect on pec activation from SuppVersity. You may have seen Brad Schoenfeld’s post about the just accepted study of his that confirms the well-known link between muscle activity and poundage (higher weight = higher activity | see EMG Series). Well, another recent study provides additional intricate insights into the link between … Read More

Is Daily Undulating Periodization Best for Muscle Growth?

New article and study from Brad Schoenfeld looking to see if a DUP style routine is better at adding muscle compared to a traditional hypertrophy style protocol. If you follow my work you’ll undoubtedly know that our lab has carried out a number of studies seeking to determine the effects of training in different repetition ranges on muscle strength and … Read More

Full-Body vs. Split Workouts:

Interesting article over at SuppVersity on a recent study comparing these two training splits. This is particularly interesting to me as I just recently started training full-body three days a week. Body Composition Changes Favor Volume-Equated FB Workouts in Trained Athletes I guess that most of you will be training according to a split workout, right? You can do so … Read More

Life Ain’t Easy: Train Anyway

I really enjoyed this article from Pete Hitzeman over at Breaking Muscle. It made me think about how I went from that out of shape and overweight dad at 46 to where I am today. It started with the simple goal of losing some weight. The key for me at least, was once I achieved that goal I immediately set … Read More

Cardio Can BOOST Your Gains?

Interesting post over at SuppVersity on a new study that shows doing cardio before weight training can produce better gains than just resistance training alone. While it’s only one study it certainly interesting and worth considering no? Cardio Can BOOST Your Gains?! Do it Before Weights and be Rewarded With 28% Increased Fiber Size & VO2 Gains In previous articles … Read More

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