I Want to Look Like That Guy

Such a good article by Christian Finn over at Muscle Evo on breaking down why following the training program of your favorite athlete, model or bodybuilder may not be what’s best for you. to a guy in the gym the other day. He showed me a few pages that he’d torn out of a fitness magazine. “I want to look … Read More

Tip: Use Cluster Sets for Size & Strength

Interesting way to train both strength and hypertrophy in the same set from Christian Thibaudeau over at T Nation. Cluster sets have always been great for strength gains. Here’s a new twist on them that’ll maximize hypertrophy too. Cluster sets are one of the most powerful training methods for intermediate and advanced lifters. A typical set looks like this: Load … Read More

How To Squat

Another great resource to add to your knowledge on how to squat from Greg Nuckols at Strengtheory. In addition to the guide, there is a free squat webinar for this Saturday so be sure to register! How to Squat: The Definitive Guide by Greg Nuckols Most people should squat. Do you want bigger legs? You’d be hard-pressed to find a … Read More

How Classical Bodies Are Made:

Following up from my previous post, where Arnold talks about the need to get back to rewarding aesthetics in bodybuilding, is this guest article by Louie Guarino over at Tom Venuto’s, Burn The Fat Blog. I am going to add this link to a site amazingly called “Classic Bodybuilders”, that has thousands of photos of bodybuilders and physique models from … Read More

The Frequency Experiment – Week Two

Week two is complete and I struggled again this week with only being able to get in 3 days of training. Both my kids have been sick the past couple weeks and I ended up feeling pretty rough myself a few days and thus why I did not train all 5 days. I like the idea of training more frequently … Read More

The Hypertrophy Zone

Great article by Lyle McDonald at his site Body Recomposition. When I first started on my journey in getting into shape the very first book I bought was The Ultimate Diet 2.0. Lyle’s site has tons of great science based information on training and diet which I encourage people to check out. Here is his latest article on hypertrophy. The … Read More

The Frequency Experiment – Week One

So as I stated last week I am trying something new by increasing the frequency of training a muscle group from once a week to five times a week. This first week proved to be challenging and on top of it all I ended up going skiing all day on Thursday so I only ended up training 3 out of … Read More

The “Hypertrophy Range” – Fact or Fiction?

Article from Greg Nuckols of Strengtheory on rep ranges for hypertrophy. Key Points 1. When looking at the whole body of scientific literature, there’s simply not a very big difference in muscle growth when comparing different rep ranges. 2. From a practical standpoint, you should probably do most of your training in the rep range that allows you to get … Read More

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