Contest Prep – 15 Weeks Out

Well my weight this morning was 206.8 lbs. This is an increase of .4 lbs from last week. Not something you want to see happening when on a cut. I have been hitting my macros and completing all my workouts so that’s not the cause. I discuss some of the other factors and issues that I have faced this week … Read More

Happy Canada Day!

So it’s Canada’s birthday and how did I decided to celebrate? Why not do car pushes like Layne Norton did in Reloaded? 2 minute intervals with 20 seconds all out car push times 8. Also known as how to almost kill a Barbarian warrior! 🙂

Contest Prep – 16 Weeks Out

My weight this morning is 206.4 lbs so down a pound since last Saturday. Total weight loss is 4.6 lbs in 3 weeks. Weight loss is starting to slow down so Layne may make some adjustments. Still don’t feel like I am dieting at all which is great. All my lifts are back to what they were before getting injured. … Read More

Contest Prep – 17 Weeks Out

My weight this morning is 207.4 lbs so down 1.6 lbs since last Saturday. Total weight loss is 3.6 lbs in 2 weeks so happy with the progress so far. Injuries are pretty much all healed up and I am feeling great! This is my first time dieting with a high carbohydrate diet and I must say I think I … Read More

Contest Prep – 18 Weeks Out

Wow the day has finally come and the countdown has begun! Weight this morning was 209 lbs down 2 lbs since last Saturday. I cheated a bit and have already started dieting since last Monday. I have decided to do a video log every Saturday so here is the first one. Hopefully they will get better as I get use … Read More

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