Contest Prep – 11 Weeks Out

Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics! Great week for me being down 2 lbs at 201 lbs. This makes 10 lbs I have lost since I started my contest prep 8 weeks ago. Workouts are still going great and I have been able to keep my weights up and have even set some PR’s. Just need to have some definition in my quads but am hopeful with 11 weeks to go I can get there.

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  • 10lbs/8 weeks = 1.2lbs per week weight decrease!

    From where I’m sitting that looks just about perfect!
    That’s probably why you have been able to match or increase your lifts. Because you are not losing the weight too fast!
    The quads will come so don’t panic!
    With most people the abs are probably the last to show the best but with you it may just be the quads and the ham’s. It’s just a matter of decreasing the BF%.

    Good luck! Graham

  • VG,
    I train in a very small gym/fitness studio with limited weights and machines. There is enough olympic weight plates with a Smith Machine and a 4ft bar + Z bar and DBs up to 30kg with one pair at 36kg.
    I have to be inventive to vary the exercises I can do and to build an effective w/out. But i think experience and inventiveness allows me to do most of what I need to do.
    Maybe we could compile a list of exercises and alternatives, if you don’t have the equipment/machines to do them the normal way!
    I will start a post on the forum.

    Regards, Graham

    • I know I can find alternative exercises to a degree. I am a big proponent of dumbbells and while I can move to barbell its not the same. I have had to be inventive already and I like your idea however if I can move to a gym that has more variety in their equipment and in how high their dumbbells go up to why would I not take advanatge of moving to that gym?

      • I hope I didn’t give you the impresssion that you shouldn’t change gyms.
        You have a goal to aim for (competing in October) and so need to focus totally on that and so need the best resources/gym at your disposal.
        I have chosen my gym with convenience/distance in mind but if I were in your shoes I would probably also change for the same reasons as you.

        Kind regards, Graham

        • Not at all Graham and I am actually good where I am at until after I compete. Its just after that when I go back to building I hope to be able to lift even heavier and that is when have a more robust gym will come in handy.

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