Contest Prep – 13 Weeks Out

This morning I am happy to report I weighed in at 204.6 lbs which is down 2 lbs from last Saturday! This is really good news and has me back on track. I still have a long way to go but am slowly getting there. Appreciate all the support and encouragement I have received over the past few weeks, it’s helped a lot!

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  • Good to see you’re back on track 🙂

    Personally I wouln’t try to do so much with the supplements, after all you want to be able to say it was all down to you’re hard work!

    But if you are looking at fat burners. Choline and Inositol are a supplement that is natural as they are both found in natural foods. I think Choline is found in eggs and helps to counteract the fat content in the eggs.

    What about doing more HIIT cardio? like more short sessions, say 15/20 min’s cycle/elliptical/ hill run sprints?
    There is plenty of variety and if you train in the evening you could do some HIIT in the morning. Maybe just introducing 1or 2 more per week. Then gradually add another each week.

    Kind regards Graham

    ps. Happy Anniversary 😉

    • Everyone is different Graham. Layne provided a list of suggested suppliments to take in addition to the diet, cardio and exercises he has provided to me as my coach. The suppliements are all optional and a persons individual choice. The fat burner I add might make a bit of a diffenence but the end results are still down to my hard work and dedication to sticking with the diet. It’s not like if I did no workouts, ate what ever I wanted, and did no cardio, that I would come in ripped because of the fat burner. Not to mention I have already purchased the fat burner so no going back now.

      You can only do so much HIIT training and that call is up to Layne. The suppliments are my choice the diet, cardio and training are Layne’s as I hired him to make those decisions.

      • Fair comment to all the points you have raised!
        It’s no good hiring a coach if you don’t stick to his plan, aftre all he is the one with the experience and like you say ‘there is only so much cardio you can do.’
        the line between over-training and doing just the right amount is very thin.
        Did you check out Choline + Inositol, even if only from an interest point of view.
        I used to take them way back. They are all natural food ingredients, B vitamins (Choline) I think.

        Kind regards, Graham

        • I did look into it a bit. Definitely something to consider in the future but for now I am pretty locked into what I am doing for my supplementation at this point. Adding in MPower was the last step.

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