Contest Prep – 17 Weeks Out

My weight this morning is 207.4 lbs so down 1.6 lbs since last Saturday. Total weight loss is 3.6 lbs in 2 weeks so happy with the progress so far. Injuries are pretty much all healed up and I am feeling great! This is my first time dieting with a high carbohydrate diet and I must say I think I prefer it and I am still getting similar results each week as far as weight loss is concerned. Just goes to show carbohydrates are not the enemy people think they are. If you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover in my video log email [email protected]

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  • Hey bud, well done so far. I have bodybuilding friends who always do higer carb cuts and they work very well for them. Particualrly if they are on long cuts like you are going to be on. Towards the end they move to lower and lower carbs. As is always the case with these things there is lots of ways that work and it’s consistancy that pays in the end.

  • Here are 2 doozies that really turned my head. I knew about recovery carbs right after an exhausting exercise ever since I read an article by Lance Armstrong’s nutritionist. My guess is these studies fueled that thinking. What is real crazy is the “simpler the carbohydrate the better”.
    Well, I just bought a couple bottles of “Mexican Coca Cola”. It’s made with cane sugar, 39 grams a bottle. Not sure about the phosporus and other garbage. But if you consume your simple carbs within 30-60 minutes of a workout, it’s ALL converted to glycogen, not just 50% which is what happens up to 5 hours after that. So my new IF protocol has me eating from 7am to 3pm (no worries I get to bed at 8-9pm and workout at 5-6am).

    this one stresses the simple carbohydrate and is more generous on the time frames:

    • Both the studies you linked to are very old. For the most part there is no need for weightlifters to consume large amounts of fast digesting carbs post workout. Here is what Layne Norton has to say on the subject now.

      I never understood this craze behind super fast digesting carbs. Unless you are an athlete who has to run multiple events in a day like a wrestler or a track athlete, there is no big reason to try to restore glycogen instantaneously. You just need to focus on maximizing protein synthesis. Research has shown that moderate amount of carbs (30g) with sufficient protein will maximize protein synthesis to the same extent as 90g of carbs with the same amount of protein. IE, you don’t need a huge insulin spike. Insulin has a permissive effect on protein synthesis. You need a small bump in insulin to maximize the effect of dietary protein on muscle anabolism, you don’t need 100g of super ridiculously fast high GI carbs, that’s BS marketing.

      I have oats with my post workout BCAAs or even baked lays or just a tiny amount of dextrose (20-30g) then i go home and get the rest of my carbs/protein from whole food sources .

      • Yes. I realized I don’t need anymore glycogen than I have from my 60-80grs a day. I just like the thought of eating hashbrowns and eggs, or french toast, and not have any of it wasted on fat. I can do this if I eat it right after my workout. That is what the study did for me. We’re not talking about 100 grs. But I would be safer closer to the workout.
        Also, the longer after your workout to eat your carbs, then the less will be turned into glycogen. That is what I got from this study, even if you think it’s tainted with age. And on carb up day the same principal would be well put to use.
        Remember, ol’ Layne is twice my weight and an anomaly. A beast, a monster, a giant among men. I only want to worship the gains in muscle and the loss in fat that I made since last week, not anyone else’s stardom. I don’t mind reading this stuff however. It gets pretty boring around here.

        • Wait a minute! I just remembered your beginning comments to this thread, which I assumed was about high carbohydrate intake. Hence my mentioning several studies.
          You said:
          “This is my first time dieting with a high carbohydrate diet and I must say I think I prefer it and I am still getting similar results each week as far as weight loss is concerned.”

  • John please don’t confuse dieting on higher carbohydrate intake versus lower carb intake with what you are stating. Your advocating simple carbs post workout and I am just saying that there is no reason to do so as far as weightlifters are concerned. There is no added benefit in consuming simple carbs post work out versus complex carbs. That’s the point I am trying to make here. This applies to anyone except athletes who are training / competing multiple times a day and have a requirement to restore glycogen quickly.

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