Contest Prep – 5 Weeks Out

Well another week closer to the show and I was 194.6 lbs this morning so down one pound from last Saturday. I had hoped it would have been more as Layne thinks I need to lose 10 to 12 pounds in the last few weeks so I have a feeling more changes will happen. I just need to stay focused on what I have control over and not stress about the stuff that I don’t have control over. I think I look leaner in my latest pictures compared to last week.

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  • Well done VG, you really are getting leaning and leaner and the differences between the weekly pictures is getting more rapidly noticable these last few weeks.

    • Thanks Aaron! I really am getting excited to see how I look all dream tanned up. I think that’s when I will truly feel like I am bodybuilder! 🙂 You are doing pretty awesome yourself, keep up the good work !

  • You are taking the right attitude at the moment and not fretting but relaxing.
    Your week5 statement says it all really when it says ‘don’t let yourself become one of the obstacles in your path!’

    Your pictures this week are again showing you as being leaner and more defined. 🙂

    So keep the faith!

    Regards, Graham

    • Thanks Graham. This prep has taught me a lot and the confidence in myself and what I am truly capable will help me be more relaxed and do even better in the future.

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