Contest Prep – 6 Weeks Out

Really good week for me losing 1.8 lbs going from 197.4 lbs to 195.6 lbs. Looks like the more aggressive approach is working but I still need to push hard for these last 6 weeks but I am growing more confident that I will bring a pretty good physique come show day. In addition to my weekly Vlog I am adding in a video I took of rm leg workout from yesterday.

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    • Yeah not long to go but probably the toughest to go through especially with Layne saying I need to lose 10 to 12 lbs still. I am definately practicing my posing! 🙂

  • Good to see you more up-beat in your vlog which will also reflect in everything else you do (training/diet wise). keep drinking the coffee!
    Training vlog was an interesting addition and keeps it all fresh. I liked the comment form the guy who thinks only everybody else cheats and of course your reply!
    Your legs look good with a pump and I’m sure you’ll reach your target. 🙂

    Kind regards, Graham

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