Contest Prep – 7 Weeks Out

Another week down and I lost 1 lb for the week weighing in at 197.4 lbs. Told Layne today I want to be more aggressive so he has dropped my macros along with adding one additional interval to my three weekly HIIT cardio sessions. Hoping this will help keep the fat loss moving along and hopefully increase it.

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  • I just had a look at your latest pics. You really are leaning out. Despite the slow weight loss the difference in the pics is very noticable. I think that in 7 weeks time you really will look very lean indeed. I know the legs are taking their time but just keep going and sooner or later they have to catch up. The tan will make everything stand out even better so don’t be too hard on yourself (you appear very down in this weeks vlog) you are doing better than i think, you think, you re doing. There is a guy i work with called Brian who is 6 weeks out from a fitness model compitition and he is extremely happy with how lean he is already and i can tell you now he is no where near as lean as you are. So chin up and remember to find the joy in what you are doing. And don’t get too hung up on the higher weights you are lifting either. If need be drop the weight a bit for a week and hammer out some extra reps. And for what it’s worth you look 10 years younger.

  • Wow…thanks Aaron your comment is very much appreciated! This last week was pretty tough but I believe I made it through and things will be better. Layne has dropped my macro’s and upped my cardio for the weeks ahead so I know its not over yet. I may appear tired and down but I am a barbarian warrior at heart so there is no quit in me and with supporters like you on my side I can’t lose. Thanks for being such a good friend! 🙂

  • VG,
    I would have to agree with everything Aaron said in his reply.
    I too have looked at your latest pics and I feel that although you have only lost a pound or so, in your pics you look leaner and tighter than just a pound weight loss.
    Your legs will probably be the last place to surrender any fat but where someone else would lose it last from their belly, you don’t have that problem, so it’s not as bad as you think! Your legs are also improving every time.
    In your vlog you said you struggled with energy levels at the start of the week. The more weight you lose the more this will occur, especially if you lose more than a pound/week. I know this may be stating the obvious but it’s something you need to be prepared for and as Aaron suggests, you may need to not worry about always maintaining or improving your strength but be prepared to change your rep range occasionally.
    I hope this doesn’t sound critical, just trying to offer support. It’s always going to be difficult to gauge your progress and deal with the apprehension the closer you get to the day.

    Keep the faith! Graham 🙂

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