Contest Prep – 8 Weeks Out

Well another week has gone by and I am down another 1.2 lbs so I am now sitting at 198.4 lbs. I want to push real hard these last few weeks and come in at 190 lbs or less by the show. Legs are slowly leaning out but still have a long way to go. Hoping the added HIIT cardio session each week will help with that.

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  • Hi VG,
    It looks like you’re having one of those ‘self doubt’ moments where you start to worry about your prep and whether it could be going better.
    I think this is only to be expected. But you know Layne is right about one thing. How can you realistically compare yourself to a Pro BB or any other Pro sportsman who are a totally different proposition to an amateur? (and natural).
    You will only get an indication of whether the prep is right when you get to the end. Now I want to say that I have never done what you are doing but I think it’s not how much you weigh but how you look that is the real target. The goal is to be the biggest and leanest and most defined that you can be whether that is 180, 185 or 190lbs doesn’t matter. I see constant improvement in your photos every time you post them, so you are going in the right direction. Your legs may well be the last place to surrender the fat but that’s just genetics for you. We are all different! But they are gradually looking more defined each time so keep the faith!
    Ask yourself this question; would you feel better if you peaked now, 8 weeks out?? I don’t think so!

    Kind regards, Graham

  • Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the feed\back. I guess the point I was trying to make and did not do well in articulating it in the video is that getting super shreaded as a natural bodybuilder is a process. No one is going to get to that level of conditioning first time around. Each time you go through prep you should be able to get to your last level of conditioning quicker and then push to a new level of conditioning every prep. Because your body has been that lean before its more willing to give up fat then it was the last time so even though you are prepping the same amount of time you are able to come in leaner and leaner. This is also assuming you are starting your prep each time at about the same BF%

    As for peaking you don’t really peak. You can always get leaner. Many will prep for 20+ weeks for thier first show and then do addtional shows over a 8 to 10 week period. Each show after they should be at or in better condition then the first show.


  • After all said and done. I wish you well and hope you reach a point at the end of this prep that will do all your hard work justice.

    You will obviously learn a lot from this process and the fact that you are sharing this with us gives us a flavour of what it’s like to diet down for a competition.

    You are brave to document all your progress throughout this process, having not done it before and not knowing how it will turn out.

    So respect to you and good luck for the rest of the journey!

    Kind regards, Graham

  • Thanks Graham. I don’t feel very brave at times. 🙂 Having you offer your perspective and insight is very much appreciated and I feel we can all learn from one another and our experiences.

    • Rest assured we are all rooting for you!
      With all the hard work and dedication you are putting in and with Layne helping you. You will be in the best shape you can on the day. I just would love to be there to watch the show, so I hope you will post up some footage of the competition.
      It will also be interesting to see what weight you would like to stabilise at once the show is over, especially if you get to like the lean look.

      Kind regards, Graham

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