CT Fletcher is an insperation to so many. A no B.S. guy who is a true Iron Warrior looking to have a movie of his life created and in true CT fashion wants to tell his story his way and is looking to raise funds to do just that. I was more than happy to help out and I hope you will to at indiegogo.

The delay in filming The MASSterPlan comes down to dollars & cents, but my story is not for sale at any price. In order to maintain creative control I must be able to fund this project on my own without compromising my story or my integrity.

It is my Life’s Story; surviving a violent childhood, the rise to becoming a 6-time World Champion Weightlifter and the subsequent fall from the pinnacle of power & health, to dying 3-times on the operating table, climbing back & recovering from the depths of despair & depression. Through all this adversity, life’s trials & tribulations, my unique training philosophy & style were born. This is my legacy, this is MY story to tell, & I will tell it in my way.

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