Dealing with Lower Back Pain

So lately I have been dealing with lower back pain again. I say again because I have dealt with lower back pain on and off since I started lifting. It was so bad this time that I feared sneezing because it would cause so much pain. 

When this happens I try and find stretches and mobility exercises that help make it better. I do those until the pain goes away and then I would stop. Yes I know not the smartest move.  When you are rushed for time mobility work is usually the first thing that gets dropped. Plus I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed! 🙂

Yes I did go the traditional route in the beginning but I found either the practitioner treated me like a ATM machine with regular weekly withdrawals, I mean appointments, or the good ones would show me how to perform active release therapy and provide mobility exercises. As a result I now usually try and find mobility exercise on my own that help and if it doesn’t get better then I make an appointment.

So I found a really good video that covers a lot of different exercises and stretches you can do to hopefully help fix your lower back pain. The video is by Dino Camire and he and his wife Kyla own One Family Fitness Centre in Winnipeg. Dino and his wife Kyla are also the promoter’s of the INBF Canada Winnipeg Show

This video covered a bunch of exercises that I have never seen or tried before. In particular the exercises at 4:26 and 7:50 mark which really helped me.  I sit all day so the first one at 4:26 really helps me stretch out my glutes. The second exercise helps loosen up the SI joint. This is where I think most of my pain is from. I do both of these before and after training legs. It only takes a couple of minutes so it’s easy for me to stick with it and in just a few days has made a big difference.

Hopefully if you are suffering from lower back pain some or all of these exercise can help you feel and move better!

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