Dieting Information: Do Your Homework

Dieting Information has gotten a lot better since I started my fitness journey over 6 years ago. That said there is still a lot bad information out there. As an example I came across a supplement retailers website that was promoting expert contest prep advice.


Foods to Avoid

Protein – High-fat meats like beef, and pork, you need protein from your meat, not FAT, to have a tight, hard muscle defining physique.

Carbohydrates – All sugar, Refined grains, Fruit (typically is eliminated 8 weeks before contest due to sugar content)

Fats – Any food that is made from hydrogenated oil. No dairy (except whey protein powder)

To me seeing this old school bodybuilding “nutrition advice” still being propagated is pretty sad. Telling people they can’t eat beef or pork, fruit, dairy and sugar of any kind if they want to get stage lean is bullshit. Sorry there is no other way of saying it. 


I have worked with two of the top natural bodybuilding coaches for two contest preps. I was never told to avoid any of the foods listed above and I got pretty lean. The key was focusing on hitting my macros of protein, carbs and fats everyday.  

Now my goal is not to bash but to help educated people that there is a better scientific based way to lose weight. Getting people stage lean is an extreme. If people can get that lean by not avoiding the foods listed above then anyone can lose weight by not following such rigid diets.

I am not a nutritional expert but I have worked with and follow many people who are. If you want to learn a better healthier and more sustainable way to lose weight I can certainly help answer any general questions you may have. My goal is to help you do your homework. For more in depth questions I can point you to online information from the experts or recommend coaches who can provide one on one advice.

I am going to wrap this post up by putting in a video from my first contest coach Dr. Layne Norton who has been trying to help people learn about nutrition for over a decade. Here he explains how another fitness “expert” is also promoting bullshit and explains why it’s incorrect.

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