Aug 222014

This is currently what I am working on correcting in my own squat so a very timely article by Blaine Sumner over at Juggernaut.

For Part 1: Setting up for a Huge Squat, click here.

With raw squatting, the vast majority of lifters miss the lift at relatively the same spot – just out of the hole after the stretch reflex has faded and the lifter is around the bottom 1/3 of the lift.

This is usually the do-or-die moment of a heavy squat.

Either the lifter is able to keep the bar moving at a similar rate as their hips are rising up, or the hips outpace the bar and it turns into a good morning.

There are two cues to help beat this sticking point – but we have to realize everybody has a sticking point somewhere when the weight is heavy enough. These cues don’t make your sticking point go away. They help you get through a lift that may have otherwise let you know what your gym floor tastes like.

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