EliteFTS Coach JL Holdsworth shares his 3 biggest lessons learned

I love JL Holdsworth Technique video’s, in fact I have a dedicated playlist with all of them here on my YouTube channel. You could say the man knows his stuff and in his latest post in his log at EliteFTS he shares the 3 biggest lessons he has learned in 21 years of training.

21 years of training in the books & here are my 3 biggest lessons learned

As I turned 36 on Tuesday I realized that I started training when I turned 15yrs old. This means that for the past 21 years I have spent several hours/week training in a gym. I don’t know how many hours that is but let’s say that I spent 2hrs in the gym each workout(which for heavy PL sessions was more like 4hrs) but lets just say they were 2. On average I would go to the gym 4 days/week but less during season in high school and college but more after college when I would train 5 or 6 days. So to average lets say 1/2 of those years were 3x and 1/2 were 4x. That math works out to (3×52)x2 = 312hrs for one year x 10 years is 3120hrs for my first 10 years. Then 4x2x52x11=4575hrs in the last 11 years.

So total I have spent an estimated 7,696hrs training myself over the last 21 years. Now that doesn’t count time training other people which I have been doing for 15 years now. I don’t even want to think about that time. I’ve spent more time in the gym in my life than any other place, including my house.

So up to this point I have spent an estimated 7,696 hours under the bar. This equates to almost a full year under the bar. So for someone to have just got their certification they could match my time under the bar if they lifted 24hrs/day, without a break for the next year. Now that wouldn’t account for all the seminars, books, experiences and other things you can’t value but from strictly a time under the bar, one year of straight 24/7/365 training and you can be at the same time under the bar that I have.

So what has all this time under the bar taught me:

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