End of the week

Well I completed my ab and HIIT cardio today and posted up pictures as promised. I still don’t feel like I have the physique of a bodybuilder yet but its a work in progress. I sure hope I get to the point where I do feel like one before walking out on stage in October. 🙂

I have had a lot of people complementing me on how I look now and yet for me I still see the flaws. Maybe its like when you buy new car and people are like wow nice car but you know the little imperfections they don’t see because you drive and use it every day. I think that’s a really good reason to take photo’s of yourself so that you can compare and see the progress you are making. I looked at the picture I have on my bodyspace profile at bodybuilding.com a month ago at the same weight I am now and can see small changes for the better. Overall I am not expecting major changes during this lean gain phase, I think the really cool changes will happen once I start the contest prep and lose all the fluff (fat) I still have.

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