Jul 282016

Erick Helms of the 3DMJ is interviewed by Jared Bichler of Progressive Fitness worth checking out!

First off, it’s great to have you back Eric. As always, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to provide value for others. Can you catch everyone up on what it is you’ve been up to since our last interview?

Eric: It’s an honour to be back Jared, and man…a lot has been going on in my life since we last spoke in may 2015. Well, I’m in the final part of my PhD. I’ll be submitting it for examination early next year, before March if all goes according to plan. I’ve published one study and a conceptual review on the use of RPE in resistance training that will be chapters of my PhD and I’ve got two chapters that will be published as studies in the hopper. Finally, the flagship study of my PhD just started. It’s a collaboration with Dr. Michael Zourdos and his team at Florida Atlantic University. I’ll be going out there for over 2 months starting in September to oversee the bulk of collection.

Aside from my PhD, I’ve been competing in powerlifting. I recently got a personal best with a 150kg bench in competition which I am pretty happy about, but I’ll be taking some time off from powerlifting to focus on bodybuilding as i want to step back on stage and do my pro debut after I finish my PhD.

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