Five Bodybuilding Illusions Amateurs Need to Ditch

Some great advice from Mark Dugdale in this article at elitefts.

To some extent, all of bodybuilding is an illusion. Tiny joints, cartoonish muscle bellies, and extremely low body fat cause a great physique to appear otherworldly under proper stage lighting. The illusions bleed into the bodybuilding lifestyle and often get embellished via publications. Today we tweet, update our status, and Instagram such things. When you think about it, much of it is smoke and mirrors.

I certainly hope that my professional bodybuilding career is far from over, but one thing I know is that it’s 10 years closer to ending than when I won the 2004 USA. Here are a few things that I wish I had understood when I began this journey. Perhaps they will help you see past some of the illusions…

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

My first foray into bodybuilding entailed teen and junior divisions, which are exempt from weight classes. I still remember the nervousness associated with weigh-ins when I moved on to the open class weight divisions. Milling around waiting your turn to step on the scale with competitors sizing each other up…I hated it. I always felt like the smallest guy in the class, especially in sweats. However, I quickly learned that oftentimes the “small” looking guy in clothes proves to be the most dangerous on stage. Bigger isn’t always better. The guy who can create the biggest illusion tends to win.

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