Nutrition 101 - Muscle & Strength Nutrition Pyramid

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Nutrition 101 - Muscle & Strength Nutrition Pyramid

Postby Vanguard » Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:23 am

Nutrition is a very important aspect to achieving a stronger, healthier body. You can train all you want but if you don't provide the proper nutrition you will be spinning your wheels. So to help people out I am going to highlight some key information that I feel will really help you increase your knowledge so you can reach your goals in this area.

This is a series of education video's by Eric Helm's of 3D Muscle Journey. He also has one for training and these video's are completely free. Since creating these video's Eric has put out two e-books that go into more detail and if your are serious about your training and nutrition I can't honestly think of a better investment. You can get the books here
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