From Beginner to Badass: 5 Strategies

Really good article from Charles Staley over at T Nation.


Here’s what you need to know…

  • Don’t just focus on setting new 1RMs. Volume is crucial too. Strive to set new 8RM records as well.
  • Increase your training frequency. Break your weekly workload into smaller chunks and you’ll recover better and be able to do more total work.
  • For maximum growth, you need tension and stress. So while adding more and more weight to the bar increases muscular tension, increasing trainingdensity leads to greater metabolic stress.
  • For three weeks, only perform exercises you’ve never done before.


Becoming More Badass

For anyone interested in getting bigger, stronger, or just more badass in general, the concept of progressive overload must be embraced. The simple act of adding weight to the bar each workout is a valid approach whenever you can pull it off. For newbies, that strategy usually works very well.

But the time will come when it stops working. And when that day comes, you’re no longer a beginner and you’ll need new tools to stay on the path to progress. Like these:

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