The garage gym project is finally complete! Last year in May I took a week off to raise the second floor of the garage. I needed more height in order to have room for the power rack. The gym has been functional for a while now but I was not able to finish the gym until this week. Building on a limited budget and doing all the work myself turned this into a 13 month project.

The good news is it’s finally done and I could not be happier! Looking back at what the garage was like when I first started, to what it is now, makes me truly appreciate the amount of work and effort that went into creating this. I have never built anything like this before, I just knew what I wanted and got to work. Focusing on the task at hand and having faith that it would all workout was how the gym was built. There was no blueprint or master plan with everything figured out ahead of time. Just a dream and the willingness to take the first step. In many ways this mirrors bodybuilding, you have a goal and you just jump in and make it happen. You don’t have all the answers but you have the confidence you will figure it out.

Above is the video showing you the completed gym. If you are interested in seeing all that went into the project you can check out all of the posts here. The order is from oldest at the bottom to newest at the top.

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  • Dean, congratulations on completing the gym! One of the best home gyms I have ever seen.

    Have you adjusted to training alone? Lots of advantages with the home gym, but some need the commercial gym atmosphere to train effectively. I have been training at home since I got married 28 years ago and still love it.


    • Thanks Larry! Yeah it took a bit but I enjoy my time in the gym. I just crank the tunes and do my thing. Having someone to train with or chat with between sets etc is nice but I am not willing to give up all the pro’s of having my own gym to train in just for that. We must have gotten married around the same time, my wife and I celebrate 29 years next month!


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