Good Friday!

Hope everyone has a safe holiday this weekend. My gym is closed today and we are going out of town to spend the day with family. Yesterday I had a great workout and then went and helped a friend move. Was very tired when I got home at 10 pm so decided to allow myself to sleep in for the first time in 4 weeks. I have and will continue to get up at 4:45 am on the weekends to keep with my schedule for eating but needed the break for the day. I will also not be sticking to my diet for today. I will still be eating healthy and making good choices and not going overboard with portions but I won’t be counting calories for the day. Weight on the scale this morning was down to 203.6 which I attribute to sleeping in for an extra 2.5 hours plus the extra calories burnt during the move last night. Still over 2 months of muscle building to go before I start my contest diet so hoping to put on as much muscle as I can in that time.

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