Helping Out At The 2018 INBF Calgary Classic

Yesterday I volunteered to help out at the 2018 INBF Calgary Classic. It was an opportunity to participate more in the sport than just being a competitor. Leo & Charlotte King are the promoters of the show and they do an amazing job of running a quality show for the physique athletes.

While it was a long day I found the experience to be very rewarding. I got a chance to hang out with an amazing group of volunteers. Get inspired by the incredible athletes and just help ensure all the athletes had a safe and enjoyable experience. Judging by all the smiles I saw through out the day I would say that mission was accomplished.

One of my fears with volunteering was that it might make me want to get on stage in 2019 instead of waiting until 2020. While it did make me reflect on the last time I competed back in 2014 the game plan is to still to compete in 2020. This did however add some additional inspiration and motivation to stay on track. I would however like to volunteer again next year as it really was a fun experience.

Men’s Heavyweight Class

The one thing I noticed the most was how Men’s Physique has taken over. When I competed in 2014 with the INBF there was no Men’s Physique but there was a total of 19 competitors in Men’s Open Bodybuilding over three divisions, Light, Middle and Heavy weight. Additionally Men’s Masters had 9 competitors. This year in Men’s Open Bodybuilding there was a total of 8 competitors in 2 divisions and Men’s Masters had 2 competitors.

I know attendance can change from year to year as people tend to take years off in between competing. I just would hate to think that this is a long term trend and that bodybuilding is losing its appeal in favor of physique.

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