Apr 062016

strengtheory Guest post over at Strengtheory by Bradon Senn on how to create a yearly training plan. Some really great info here so be sure to check it out!


The career span of a strength athlete is highly unique compared to other sports. If you stick around long enough, you likely won’t reach your prime until you are 10-15 years deep in the sport. Obviously, there are many factors that affect the length of your competitive career (chronologically when you start, injury, goals, life, etc..).

Assuming injury and other life variables are controlled, does your training reflect the potential to maximize your competitive career?

Most athletes (myself included) realize how far they have to go to accomplish their goals and, at times, do things out of desperation that aren’t exactly in line with the whole “marathon, not a sprint” cliche. A huge amount of an athlete’s focus should be spent in the present, but we can’t let the long-term picture slip through the cracks. The goal of this article is to provide you with a practical tool for organizing the long-term view of training without constantly having it in the back of your mind.

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