How to Feel Your Lats and Use Them to Build a Stronger Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift

Interesting article from Jordan Syatt via Fitocracy. I really enjoy Jordan’s perspective especially since pound for pound he is an incredibly strong individual.

When I first started training all I ever heard about were the lats.

They were endlessly touted as the key to improving The Big Three and – according to the strongest lifters in the world – once I learned how to use my lats my strength would drastically increase.

In an effort to target this elusive muscle group I tried every exercise imaginable; variations of Pull Downs, Chin-Ups, Pull-Ups, and Pullovers encapsulated my programs while I slowly gained size and strength.

Despite my relentless focus I couldn’t feel my lats. My back grew and strength slightly increased but, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t feel my lats doing the work. As a result, my technique regularly broke down and I hit sticking point after sticking point without making significant progress.

Then, during one unforgettable training session, I finally felt my lats.

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