I am Not Giving Up!

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

So things have not gone the way I have wanted them to but I am not giving up. I hurt my back just over a month ago putting the seats back in our van. I could barely walk for several days and was in a lot of pain. Looking back I have always been dealing with some kind of low back / glute pain and I have tried many different things to fix the issue but it always seems to be there waiting to act up.

I use to think it was just part of the process. Now I realize I needed to focus on getting this resolved once and for all. I reached out to Leo King to see if he had any physical therapist connected with his gym? He advised that he did not but recommended I try Dr. Darren Yick which is who he sees when he has problems. He also a said Darren was who Bryce Krawczyk was seeing when he was dealing with some back issues leading up to competing in Worlds last year in Calgary.

Dr. Darren Yick quickly identified what my issue was, very tight sartorius muscles, and was able to help with losing them up. He has given me some foam rolling to help with making and keep it healthy.

I go back and see him on Thursday which is good because I still have some back pain. This could be possibly related to something else or I just need more work on this muscle.

Coaching Update

I have also just had a meeting with my coach Alberto Nunez and am hoping to move to reporting in to him every couple of weeks as we start the initial fat loss phase. The goal is to drop some weight (to 195 lbs) and then take a few months break maintaining this weight before starting official prep at the end of the year. Nutrition and training program is in hand and I start training again on Monday.

I am hoping losing some weight and having my muscles be more defined will provide some additional motivation. Not to mention my clothes barely fit me and my lifting belt can’t expand any further.

Other News

I just bought a 2006 Honda VTX 1300C and am so excited! I use to bike in my early 20’s. I raced motocross in the open class, riding a Honda CR 500. I also had a Honda 750 Supersport for the street. Every spring I would see all the bikes hit the road and I would get bike fever but could never justify the expense until this year.

My dad who lives on Vancouver Island bought a Spyder last year and I am going to ride out in August so we can attend the 2nd Annual Spyder/Trike/Motorcycle Ryders Gathering together.

The ride out should be an amazing trip and getting a chance to ride with my dad even better!

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