I Am So Blessed!

I am so blessed to have found someone so amazing to share my life with. My wife Chris and I are celebrating our 29th Wedding Anniversary today. Chris has always been my number one supporter. When I decided to compete in bodybuilding at the age of 47 Chris thought I was a little bit crazy. Despite that she knew it was important to me and helped in anyway she could.

I am blessed to have Chris help me backstage at every show. She has helped apply dream tan and made sure I had everything I needed. Chris created my Conan the Barbarian costume for my posing routine in 2014. She has helped me shave my body hair, take progress pictures and puts up with my grouchiness during contest prep.

Chris was okay with me having a younger female bodybuilder as a training partner. I mean let’s be honest here, how many spouses would have been okay with that? I swear the woman is a saint and I am the luckiest guy to have found someone like her. Chris has always trusted and believed in me, because of that I would never ever betray that trust and love. Perhaps that is why after 29 years we are not only still married but madly in love. Chris is my best friend, my lover, my soulmate, I truly am blessed.

Since we bought our house a little over a year and a half ago Chris has supported me in building my own garage gym. I know not everyone has a supportive spouse or partner so if you do be sure to let them know how much it means to you. You can certainly do this on your own but having someone who loves and supports you makes the journey a whole lot better.

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