Mar 192016

Jeff_Alberts_2011_Pro_International_880ccd47-4ef1-47b1-86d3-23f160ddc200_largeGreat audio interview with Jeff Alberts by Cliff Wilson who was guest hosting for John Bosse of Barbell One.

In the interview it seems like age 50 was considered by both to be about the max one could gain muscle. This may very well be the case with someone who has trained for 20 to 30 years prior however I wonder if it holds true for someone in my case who started training at 46 and is now 51? Have I hit the max level of muscle development I will ever have?

I personally don’t think that I have and will continue to train with the belief that I can still gain and become better. When I started this journey at 46 it was never about showing what is possible as an older bodybuilder it was just about following my passion and my heart and that is what I will continue to do.


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