Information overload is defined as “exposure to or provision of too much information or data.” In my younger days,  before the internet, the only way you got information on bodybuilding was from buying bodybuilding magazines. Every month I would get my copy of Musclemag and read it cover to cover.

Information today on bodybuilding has exploded due to the internet. The first challenge is sorting the good info from the bad. A good rule of thumb is that if they are trying to sell you some secret formula supplement or training program its bad. You know the ones where they discovered something that will give you all the gains.

I think I have done a pretty decent job of finding good evidence based information on natural bodybuilding. I have compiled a list to help people get that information. Even though this reduces the amount of information out there it’s still an overload of information.

Social Media Overload

There are research reviews, Podcasts, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Facebook groups, books, and seminars. People spend so much time keeping up on all of this information.  This makes sense if this is your career but if your just trying to figure out the best approach for you it might be a bit much?

Do you think people spend to much time focusing on the minor details instead of ensuring they are mastering the basics? Is there such a thing as too much information? If you are working with a coach does being exposed to all these other sources of information help or hurt you? 

I guess ultimately we all need to feed our passion in a way that works for us. I know there are pro natural bodybuilders that just do their thing. They don’t use social media or stay up on all the latest research. I also know that there are many amateurs that devour any and all information. As long as what you are doing works for you then all is good. If it’s not you might want to re-evaluate your approach.

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  • Good point, Dean. Very easy to be overwhelmed by all the available information these days. Focusing on the basics is the way to go, of course. But I do like to immerse myself in the natural bodybuilding podcasts and websites to be around that environment, since I train alone at home. I went to the Physique Summit in Saint Louis that John Gorman and Cliff Wilson put on last month ( It was great to be around that culture for a couple of days and hear presentations by some of the top names. Alberto was there was on one of the Q&A Panels. I was struck by how much bigger he, Cliff, and John looked in person versus online.

    As always, thanks for all of your hard work you put in on your website!


    • Hi Larry,

      As always I love hearing from you. So awesome that you attended the Physique Summit! I think out of all the seminars that is the one I would love to attend the most. Hopefully I will make it out to one at some point. Would be even better if we could attend the same one and meet. If you plan to attend in the future please let me know.


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