Is Training to Failure Necessary for Muscle Growth?

muscle evo A new article by Christian Finn over at Muscle Evo looking at a study trying to answer the question, is training to failure necessary for muscle growth?

One study that caught my eye this week, from John Sampson and Herbert Groeller at the University of Wollongong in Australia, looked at failure versus not-to-failure training and its effect on gains in size and strength.

Sampson and Groeller took a group of 28 untrained men and assigned them to one of three groups.

All three groups followed the same training program for 12 weeks. This involved four sets of arm curls, separated by three minutes of rest, performed three times a week.

The only difference was that one of the groups took every set to muscular failure – that point where you’re unable to complete another rep using correct technique. Groups two and three stopped each set before reaching failure.

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