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  • I think you should smile and laugh and joke more. When you do, it makes you an intersting person. Versus the droning talking head that I still come back to listen to over and over haha.
    Good luck on your journey, I will be following you closely.

      • Yeah. You look good when you laugh. I wish Layne Norton would give his vlogs like he does his powerlifts, with a lot of huffing and puffing and strutting around. That is the real Layne Norton and I think it would come across really good. Quick and to the point. How much time do we all have to watch this stuff, no?

  • Yeah, I agree that you will have a better chance losing more than last time. I’m no expert either. It was miserable for me to get to 10.5%. I had the most BF in my whole contest(s). I was also the scrawniest haha. we shall see.

    • Contest prep is the hardest aspect of bodybuilding, especially natural bodybuilding because it takes so much longer compared to those who have assistance and most people underestimate how much fat they really carry.

    • If I do the same proportions for 150lbs, my high weight, I come up with
      50 fat
      176 protein
      198 carbs

      198 carbs? Holy cow, is that right for cutting? I’ve been hovering around 80-100.

  • Hey John,

    You don’t scale macro’s based on weight you base it off of your metabolism and everyone’s metabolism is different. Prior to me starting prep I was eating 67 fat, 235 pro, and 375 carbs which equaled 3043 calories. Normal protocol for starting a cut is to reduce calories by approx. 500 so 67 fat, 235 pro, and 255 carbs = 2563 calories. As my metabolism adjusts to this we will have to slowly bring down carbs and maybe a little fat to keep the fat loss happening. I highly recommend you watch 3DMJ’s – Muscle and Strength Nutritional Pyramid series as that does and excellent job of breaking everything down.

  • Yes. I’ve watched that. Need to watch it again. I still don’t get eating as much or more grams of carbs than protein. oh well. When I get back from skiing tomorrow I will watch again! thanks!

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