It’s Official!

I have been waiting what for what seems like forever to start working with Dr. Layne Norton. I was suppose to start April 1st and was wondering how I was going to last that long when last night I get an email from Layne with my nutrition and workout plans! It was my choice to start now or hold off until April 1st but I decided to start now. Tonight was my first workout and I was able to do the entire routine without pain in my shoulder for the most part which makes me very happy. Don’t get me wrong as I type this I have an ice bag on my shoulder and ibuprofen is my best friend but this is the best I have done since the injury 4 weeks ago so I am hoping I am on the road to full recovery.

Since I have started early I will also start my prep sooner going with 18 weeks instead of 16 which I am hoping will help me get that much more cut for my first competition. Now I just need to stay healthy and focused and put in the work. OUTWORK!

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