Layne Norton’s 5 Top Tips For Building Muscle

Everyone is trying to sell you the secret to building muscle or burning fat in order to obtain the body you’ve always dreamed about. The faster one can do that with the least amount of effort the better and more expensive the product is to buy. The truth is if you follow these 5 tips from Layne Norton you will get real results. It reminds me of this famous quote by Thomas Edison – “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”


If you wanted the best sure fire tips for building muscle, you couldn’t go to anyone better than Pro natural bodybuilder, pro powerlifting champion and Dr in Nutritional Sciences, Dr Layne Norton! Before Layne Norton flys all the way from the US of A to see you again at SFN, he wanted to share his top 5 tips for building muscle with you. Enjoy!

1) Consistency.

It’s not sexy. They won’t put it on the cover of a magazine. It won’t sell supplements. But the number one factor for building a great physique is time investment. You have to put in the time. You aren’t going to get results with the time you didn’t put in. The best people in ANY sport, business, or skill didn’t get there overnight. It took them years and years and years to get there. Don’t expect building muscle to happen fast. You can do a lot of things wrong but if you work really hard for a really long period of time you will get results even if small things aren’t optimal.

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