M.S.A. Interviews 3DMJ’s Jeff Alberts

Great podcast by Muscle-Science and Application interviewing Jeff Alberts who explains why bodybuilding doesn’t have to be complicated and you can have life balance.

180: Jeff Alberts Top Lightweight Pro Natural Bodybuilder: It Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated and You Can Have Life Balance!

Today’s interview with top lightweight natural pro bodybuilder Jeff Alberts is all about keeping it simple. We discuss a lot of detail on this podcast and I think it’s important at times to step back and recognize the basics and I think you will find today’s episode particularly inspiring to see someone with as impressive a physique as Jeff share just how simple his training and nutrition programming is. Jeff is a great example of someone in tune with his body and the bigger meaning of life – which is so much more important than this gym hobby we all have. Jeff also shares some unique perspectives on client/coach relationships that were new to me. Enjoy!

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