Metabolic Damage v2.0 (Metabolic Capacity)

This is a great follow up vlog from Dr. Layne Norton on metabolic damage and how important it is to focus on increasing your metabolic capacity in your off season. When I decided to get into bodybuilding and before I selected Layne to be my coach I did a lot of research to educate myself on nutrition and bodybuilding so that I could pick a coach who would not screw me up. I think so many people just don’t due their homework to educated themselves about the sport and about nutrition and end up hiring bad coaches. Your health is important so be sure to do your homework!

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  • I can say that Coach Layne Norton is not a great coach ..that is a major understatement! HE IS PHENOMENAL! He deserves a lot more recognition than he gets! He was my coach last year & because of him, I was able to get my calories pretty high up on my reverse diet while still being lean 🙂 ..sadly I couldn’t keep affording him due to work cutting out my hours & all this horrible micro-managing restructure 🙁 But anyways, he is fantastic!! Good luck on all of your future endeavors!!

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