Midweek update

So Monday morning my weight was 207 lbs up only .4 lbs from the previous Monday. Not sure why my Saturday weight was so high at 210 lbs, it must have been a spike. In any event Layne has increased my carbs by 5g and fat by 1g for this week. So this will make my macros P 294.5 grams C 366 grams F 63 grams for a total of 3209 calories. I also had my new shoes I ordered show up! These are Adidas weightlifting shoes. I was hoping to try them out today as this is my lower body power day however I have come down with a nasty sinus cold and got a poor nights sleep and took the day off work to recover. This is the first cold I have had in over a year so really can’t complain but the headache, fever and sore throat sure suck. I actually slept most of today trying to shake this off. Hopefully I can get my Tuesday workout in tomorrow instead. Here is an interview with my coach you might enjoy!

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