Mountain Dog Diet Interviews Jason Tremblay – President for The Strength Guys

Great interview by Derek Dolgner of Mountain Dog Diet with Jason Tremblay.

DEREK: I have the pleasure of interviewing one of the bright young minds in the industry, Jason Tremblay.

Thank you Jason for your time. Can you start off by giving our readers some more background information about yourself, what you are passionate about, and what you are working on currently in your field of study?

JASON: I would like to thank you and John Meadows for the opportunity to share my perspectives and insights on training periodization and program design with your readers. I am a Kinesiology Student, Writer, Coach, and President for The Strength Guys – an organization that specializes in training periodization and programming for a wide variety of sports, including bodybuilding.

DEREK: Excellent! It sounds like you have a great back round working with a variety of different athletes. For this interview lets focus on what most of our readers are interested in, bodybuilding! How do you begin to structure the periodization for an athletes training program whose mind is usually set to destroy their bodies daily?

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