My Training Partner

When I started my journey of getting into shape it was with the understanding that I would do this alone, I did not want or need a training partner. In the gym I joined there was this girl with tattoo’s and funky colored hair and my first reaction was “how strange?” Over time I noticed how consistent and hard working she was. One day I said hi and she said hi back and the ice was broken. We discovered that we were both training to compete in bodybuilding for the first time. How odd that in this small corporate type gym you would find two people wanting to be bodybuilders? We were the only ones and we bonded over our love of bodybuilding and training.

Danika competed in her first show in the summer of 2012 at the Southern Alberta Bodybuilding Championships coming in second place in the Women’s Light Weight Division. In the fall I competed in the 2012 IDFA Western Canada Classic coming in second in Men’s Novice Heavyweight and Men’s Masters. We came to each others show and continued to be supportive in the gym. After our first shows we were even more committed to competing again, we were hooked!

The gym we were at kept reducing its hours and Danika’s free year ran out and we were both looking to change gyms. Danika found one she liked but was intimidated by the powerlifters and said she would only join if we could workout together. Had it been anyone else I would have said no. I had my doubts that this would work because of the difference in the amount of weight we use to workout with but I was willing to give it a try.

It’s been about 6 months now and I have zero regrets, both Danika and I work well together and motivate and push each other everyday. In fact I look forward to our training sessions together everyday now. Looking back there were so many things that had to align for this to even be possible that it had to be fate. For someone who was not wanting or needing a training partner I am so very grateful that I agreed. I know we are both better because of it, as Dankia says “we are TEAM AWESOME!” Here is some footage of her workout yesterday, the girl is a beast and kills it everyday in the gym. Great training partner and friend, I am truly blessed!

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