Natural Bodybuilding in Western Canada

Natural bodybuilding in Western Canada offers you a variety of organization you can compete with. I have competed with the IDFA, NPAA and INBF so far in my amatuer career. All three organizations offer a good experience for their athletes. That said I have to say that INBF Canada is the best natural bodybuilding organization in Canada to compete with.

Now before people get to excited I am not saying people should not compete with other organizations. What I am saying is that if you are going to compete in natural bodybuilding in Western Canada then competing with INBF Canada  should be your first choice. The following is a list of things that make INBF Canada stand out from other natural bodybuilding organization, in my opinion.

  • Opportunity for women to compete in Natural Bodybuilding

    INBF Canada is the only natural organization to still offer women’s bodybuilding that I am aware of.  I would really love to see more women competing in this division

  • WNBF Pro Card

    Competing with INBF Canada is the only way to get a World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Pro Card in Canada. The WNBF is the largest Pro Level Natural Bodybuilding Federation in the World

  • Polygraph Examination for All Athletes

    All natural organization drug test the winners however in addition to this all athletes must pass a polygraph examination in order to compete with the INBF. This is one additional step to ensure an even playing field for all athletes who are competing.

  • Judging

    All judges for INBF Canada have to pass a certification program in order to be allowed to judge events. In addition, if they are also coaches and have athletes competing, they are not allowed to judge the classes their athletes are competing in.

  • Tanning Service

    Only organization that offers backstage touch up service on show day. This is included for free as part of your tanning package.

  • Posing Routine

    Only organization to allow a maximum 90 seconds posing routine to your own music as well a props during your posing routine. They also offer an award for best poser.

As a competitor these are things I appreciate and what makes INBF Canada stand out from other organizations. This is only from a bodybuilding division perspective as I can’t really speak with regards to other divisions. Needless to say when I compete in 2020 I will definately be competing with INBF Canada.

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