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  • Like you say.
    Interesting and motivating at the same time!

    Although I sometimes wonder how “Natural” some of these competitors are!

    I spoke to someone I bumped into during my work who is also a bodybuilder and is thinking about competing in the UK sometime next year, probably around October. We spoke about “Natural” competition which is where he would be competing and he said he had heard how people were using different drugs now instead of Anabolic Steroids they were using drugs to influence the Endocrine System and other systems in the body to influence superior (illegal) growth.

    Sometimes to reach your full potential Naturally and be the best YOU can is just not enough!

    Good luck, Graham

    • Well there are always those who think anyone who has a decent body got that way via drugs instead of hard work and years of training. While there may be a few people who try and cheat the system I believe the majority are natural. Why would any one do drugs to win natural bodybuilding competitions when they could just as easily comptete in non tested shows and get much bigger and make much more money?

      • I agree with all your sentiments.
        It will be interesting to see how you feel about the competition once you’ve done it.

        As we all know ego can be a funny thing in this game! some people would never dream of taking drugs no matter how hard it gets or how hard the gains are to come by (that’s me) and some turn to drugs to make it easier and to feed their ego, no matter what level they are at.

        I know you have said that a lot of why you train is because you love the challenge and the hard work and you want to see how far you can go! well I and 90% of all the lifters out there are doing for the same reasons.

        Kind regards, Graham

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